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The Uprising of 21st July 1952

As  a  result  of  massive  popular  unrest , Ghavaam was  forced  into  resignation on July  21st , 1952 , and  Dr. Mossadegh became  Prime  Minister  again . about  a  month  after  this  development  the  joint  proposal  of   “ Churchill  and  Truman “ was  put  forward  for  the  resolution  of  the  oil  problem ( 27th August  1952 ) . This  proposal  was  not  accepted  either , because  it  was  in  violation  of  the  principle  of  nationalization . To  counter  the  British  spies’  moves  that  had  launched  extensive  operations  under  diplomatic  cover , to  undermine  the  government , Mossadegh declared  the  interruption  of  all  political  ties  with  Britain.