Petroleum Iran Oil and Gas


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Project's Names

Oil & Gas Sector
1South Pars Project phase 1 (Onshore) IDRO/Daelim+(Offshore) Sadra/Samsung
2South Pars Project phase 2 & 3 - Hyundai Engineering : (Onshore) + NPCC (Offshore)
3South Pars Project phase 4 & 5 - AGIP +ENI/Sadra (Offshore)
4South Pars Project phase 4 & 5 - AGIP +ENI/Hyundai (Onshore)
5South Pars Project phase 6 & 7 & 8 - IDRO (Onshore) Total / JGC / DAELIM/ / TJID Joint Venture
6South Pars Project phase 9 & 10 through IOEC (Offshore)
7South Pars Project phase 9 & 10 through OIEC / LG-GS (Onshore)
8South Pars Project phase 15 through SAFF (Offshore)
9South Pars Project phase 16 through ISOICO (Offshore)
10South Pars Project phase 15 & 16 (Onshore)
11South Pars Phase 19 through Petro Pars Iran Co.
12Darkhovein Oil Field project ENI (AGIP)
13Siri Project (Total)
14Soroush Nowrouz Project (Shell) SIOL +NPCC (Offshore)
15Doroud Project Petrofac + NPCC (Offshore )
16Salman 2 Offshore Gasfield / Platforms Project Through Sadra & PetroIran
17Bandar Abbas Oil Refinery ( BAORC)
18Aghardalaan Gas Fields Project
19Kangan Gas Refinery
20Khangiran Gas Refinery
21Parsian Gas Refinery 
22Abadan Oil Refinery 
23Petro Iran Development Co. (PEDCO)
24South Zagros Oil and Gas Production Company
25Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC)
26Pars Oil & Gas Co. (POGC)

Petrochemical Sector
1Arak Petrochemical Complex HDPE Unit
2Korasan Petrochemical Complex Melamine Unit
3Shahid Tondgouyan Petrochemical Complex PTA Unit
4Arvand Petrochemical Complex PVC Unit
5Shiraz Petrochemical Complex
6Zagros Petrochemical Complex 
7Nouri / Borzouyeh Petrochemical Complex
8Karoun Petrochemical Complex 
9Mobin Petrochemical Complex 
10Fanavaraan Petrochemical Complex 
11Isfahan Petrochemical Complex 
12Kavian Petrochemical Complex 
13Jam Petrochemical Complex 
14Pardis Petrochemical Complex 
15Khark Petrochemical Complex 
16Pars Petrochemical Complex 
17Razi Petrochemical Complex 
18Ghaed Basir Pertochemical Complex 
19Bou Ali Petrochemical Complex 
20Aria Sasol Polymer Co.
21Bandar Imam Petrochemical Complex HDPE Unit
22Petrochemical Industries Design and Engineering Co. (PIDEC)
23Maroun Petrochemical Complex 

Sugaer Factory
1Mirza Kouchak Khan Suger Factory
2Amirkabir Suger Factory
3Imam Khomeini Argo Industry
4Da'abl Khazaee Suger Factory

Steel Complexes
1Khouzestan Steel Complex
2Mines & Metal Technological Engineering Co. (MMTE )
3SABA Steel Complex
4Charmahal Steel Complex
5Sabzevar Stell Complex

Power Sector
1Khoy Combined Cycle Power Plant ( CCPP)
2Neyshabour Combined Cycle Power Plant ( CCPP)
3Neka Combined Cycle Power Plant ( CCPP)
4Shahid Rejaee Combined Cycle Power Plant ( CCPP)
9Montazer Ghaeem Combined Cycle Power Plant ( CCPP)
7Yazd Combined Cycle Power Plant ( CCPP)
8Shariati Power Plant